SSL Certificates Types

Types of SSL certificates and how to register them

Basically SSL certificate stands for Secure Sockets Layer, a security system which allow the encrypted data to transfer over a server. SSL certificates protect the sensitive data such as credit card numbers, passwords, usernames etc. SSL certificates work on public and private key to establish an encrypted connection. It is very helpful to transfer the sensitive information. For activation of security, you need to get PCI ( Payment Card Industry). PCI is required if you are collecting credit card information on your site.

Here we will discuss the common types of SSL certificates;

  1. Extended Validation (EV SSL)
  2. Organization Validated (OV SSL)
  3. Domain Validated (DV SSL)

Large number of organizations have started to use SSL certificates. Everyone wants to secure their information and ensure to not being snooped on. SSL is very important for privacy in communication or you can trust who you are talking to. Encryption will help to hide information because people wants secure atmosphere. People love to do online shopping and to be able to visit the secure website is their first option. You should make a list of questions before purchasing a SSL certificate. Like what type of SSL certificate you need? Should we use free certificate or purchase it? What about warranty coverage? Now we will go through the most common SSL certificates;

  1. Extended Validation (EV SSL):

Extended validation certificate needs rigorous validation process. This certificate is best for businesses and your browser bar will display a green padlock. This padlock will boost consumer confidence and will provide assurance that the site is well protected. Its processing time takes few days to weeks. Recommended for e-commerce business. EV SSL certificates are available for all businesses including government sites or other common sites.

  1. Organization Validated (OV SSL):

This certificate needs real agents to validate the ownership and other important information of the site such as name, city and country. It requires more documentation for verification. It takes hours to few days to complete the process. Recommended for all businesses. The green secure site seal will give you information about who is behind the site. Organization name will also appear in the certificate.

  1. Domain Validate (DV SSL):

This certificate is also known as low assurance certificate. Automatically it will validate the information whether the domain name is registered or not. Then it will approve the request. It processing time is very short, take few minutes to few hours to complete. It can be used for internal systems only.

How to register SSL certificate?

You need to purchase the SSL certificates from Unique Links. Follow these steps to activate your certificate.

  1. Click o account username in the upper left side, select dashboard.
  2.  Click on product list > SSL Certificate
  3. Click on the activate button.

For installation you need to follow these steps;

Please contact us and we will do the installation for free on your hosting account.

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