How Long is the Dental Implant Recovery Process?

If you are wondering how long is dental implant recovery and procedure then you should read this post. It will highlight the dental implant process from consultation to the actual surgery to its final recovery. Continue reading and dig into all these details.

Dental Implant Consultation

First of all, you need to book a consultation session with a dental clinic in Dubai. During this session, you will meet an expert dentist who will examine your mouth and teeth. After the initial examination, he will suggest two best treatment options for you. A dental implant is the best teeth restoration option but when you have a tight budget then the denture is another treatment choice for you. At this step, you are free to inquire about dental implant and its related aspects such as cost, recovery, procedure, etc. All your concerns and questions will be addressed by a dentist.

Prosthodontics Examination

If you make up your mind about dental implant then prosthodontics will be there to guide you all about the procedure. He will administer a prosthodontics exam. During this exam, a thorough analysis of your mouth and teeth will be done by him. If you are a suitable candidate for dental implant then he will plan whether you need a crown, bridge or arch, once your implant heals.

A CT scan of your mouth is required. If a tooth is missing for a very long time then the bone loss or infection might happen. Your jawbone may begin to erode. In that case, a direct implant is not possible. There is a need for bone grafting. Even if you have unhealthy teeth then a dentist will do tooth extraction before proceeding with the placement of dental implants. Normally, you need to wait for almost four months between bone grafting and dental implant.

Dental Implant Procedure

At the start of surgery, you will be given twilight anesthesia. A metal post is surgically placed into your jawbone beneath the gum. A temporary prosthesis ( bridge or crown) will be set onto the implant. A dentist prescribed some medicines which help you manage your pain level. If you are concerned about pain during dental implant then you don’t have to worry at all. Because your mouth and jaw will be numbed and you don’t feel any discomfort. In normal cases, you will restore your beautiful smile with a day.

Dental Implant Recovery

Before you leave the dental clinic in Dubai, your dentist will give you all the instructions you need to follow for a healthy recovery process. Make sure you take medications and antibiotics on a given schedule, so nothing can hinder your recovery process.

  •       You need to avoid very hot food, hard food, and smoking. Your recovery process is adversely affected by tobacco and nicotine products.
  •       Make sure you don’t blow your nose. In case you want to sneeze then do this with open mouth, so you don’t put pressure on the sinus area.
  •       Do not pull up your lips to feel your stitches, it might result in tearing. You may irritate your gums due to this action.
  •       Don’t drink liquid with straws.
  •       For almost two weeks, you will be on a diet of light food, liquid food, purees or finely chopped food.
  •       Avoid eating very hard food because it will negatively impact your recently set implant and you will feel uncomfortable while chewing it.
  •       You can apply cold compresses on your face to alleviate pain and pressure.
  •       A dentist normally prescribes antimicrobial mouth rinse which you need to use from time to time for maintaining oral hygiene.
  •       It is common to experience nose bleeding after some time of this procedure. Don’t get panic, it is a temporary situation and passes soon. If you feel excessive bleeding, fever, heavy swelling, uncontrollable pain or allergic reaction then immediately contact your dentist in Dubai.

How long it will take to get recovered from a dental implant?

Recovery time is dependent on many different factors such as how many dental implants you got, whether you get bone grafting or not, or whether you follow all the instructions given in the treatment plan or not.

The whole recovery process takes almost 4 weeks. After six months, you will get a permanent prosthesis. After that, you are free to eat anything because your missing tooth will be replaced by a natural-looking implant that looks, functions and works like a real tooth.

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